Gadol Uniforms

Our History

The Gadol Group began 25 years ago because large companies needed to make their corporate clothing a symbol that represented their image and prestige. Our company’s impact has been so great that it now includes entities in Colombia, Venezuela, Central America, Puerto Rico and the United States. The uniforms are produced in Colombia through Gadol CISAS, a private-focused company that focuses on providing a comprehensive solution.

In our beginnings, we saw that companies require planning in terms of their employees’ endowments, since it is necessary that they be provided with a personalized service in a timely manner which includes: the types of garments to be made and their design, brand symbols, embroidery or special prints, the choice of fabrics and the most suitable materials. We also manage, store and plan our clients’ inventories, distributing the material to the agreed locations.

One of our first associates was McDonald’s, a company to which we supplied the garments for the opening of its stores in Colombia. For our work, we received an Excellence in Service award from them in 2001.

Our experience, compliance and quality have led multinational businesses to seek out our products. Among the most representative brands we have dressed are Baskin Robbins, Café OMA, Domino’s Pizza, Archies, Qbano Sandwich, Burger King, Kokoriko and Frisby; Copa Airlines, Bolivar Assistance, El Tiempo and Alquería.

In light of the demand from our clients, the Gadol Group directly enhanced its service offerings thanks to the international presence of its companies: Gadol CISAS in Colombia, One Way CA in Venezuela, Advance Service Corp in Puerto Rico and Advance Service Corp in Florida, U.S.


Our mission is to provide all-inclusive services for the administration and design of corporate uniforms and promotional garments. We focus on garment design, quality control, scheduling, production, distribution, and inventory management, working together with our clients on a plan to easily and promptly meet their individual needs.


Maintain business leadership at the national and international levels in the design of corporate uniforms and promotional garments, achieving greater recognition due to our high standards of design, quality and timely delivery, and generating additional value for shareholders and a better standard of living for our employees.