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Our design area is made up of professionals who have extensive experience in the clothing sector. In the development of each garment, they supervise the materials and colors to be used, the latest trends, the development of prints and embroidery, and all other aspects required to provide authentic garments.

The work begins in this department with listening to the client and striving to solve their needs, always trying to ensure that the garments reflect what their brand represents. This is why colors, types of garments and more aspects related to business activity and the position of the collaborator are taken into account.

After focusing on the client’s needs, we present them with different design alternatives for their approval and then the creation of a unique sample garment begins, which will have a technical sheet that describes how the garment should be made and what details must be checked during the manufacturing process.


Each garment is delivered to the production area for cutting, sewing, packaging and delivery; always working to maintain quality in manufacturing.

During this process, the production plants, which specialize in garments, coordinate with each other to ensure greater efficiency at the time of production. Likewise, the manufacture of the product is supervised so that it is identical to the sample previously prepared in the design area.

Outsourcing Uniforms

Gadol Uniforms is a leader in the Colombian market for the administration and inventory management of corporate garments; managing the uniforms and classifying them by size and controlling the minimum quantity of products to use.

Inventory planning is carried out by studying our Client’s corporate clothing needs. Similarly, Gadol Uniforms helps determine the minimum quantity of products to be manufactured while constantly maintaining them.

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